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Study Abroad




Why Study Abroad?

To learn about a new culture; To gain global skills; To network abroad; To take unique classes with unique professors/students; To experience life in a different country; To put a unique experience on your resume and set yourself apart; To have fun and develop yourself personally, academically, and professionally.

Generally, foreign students as citizens of other countries are required to obtain a student visa, which ascertains their legal status for staying in the second country. In the United States, before students come to the country, the students must select a school to attend to qualify for a student visa. The course of study and the type of school a foreign student plans to attend determine whether an F-1 visa or an M-1 visa is needed. Each student visa applicant must prove they have the financial ability to pay for their tuition, books and living expenses while they study in the states.

Although the third largest destination country overall in light of its relatively small population and number of institutions relative to the United States, Australia has by far the highest ratio of international students per head of population in the world by a large margin, with international students represented on average 26.7% of the student bodies of Australian universities.