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Why study in Canada


As one of the world’s preferred Student goals, Canada has a lot to flaunt. Students from over the world rush to its rumored colleges to seek after courses in each control. A solid framework, bleeding-edge educational programs and rambling grounds are the sign of Canadian foundations. Leelaz Immigration Consultants works with Students to assist them with expanding their odds of concentrating in Canada. We assist Students with recognizing and applying to the correct course and right school that can fill in as a launchpad for their worldwide profession.


Canada is probably the best spot for higher examinations and the nation pulls in a huge number of students every year from abroad. The nation gives world-class training which is perceived universally. Research is one of the key segments of an alumni Student. The colleges bolster the Students who come out with best research thoughts and numerous grants are given to students for their examination works. 

  • Moderate Education 
  • Imaginative and Abundant Research Opportunities 
  • Movement Possibilities 
  • Energising Campus Lifestyle 
  • Solid and Safe Communities 
  • Global students can regularly work while they study and Internships 


  • Various research openings 
  • Plausibility of migration in the wake of finishing the course 
  • Energetic grounds climate 
  • Worldwide Students have the alternative of working when contemplating 
  • Great temporary position openings 

Qualification CRITERIA:

Education Qualification

  • The base qualification standard is to be alumni with a 50% score from a UGC or AICTE perceived college.
  • Be that as it may, the underlying factors put forth the customer defense a special case and a KB inquiry must be raised to take affirmation on whether you can enlist the customer or not before you sell.

Year Back

  • The graduation degree must be finished inside the specified time with no-year back.
  • Example: B.Com is a 3-year degree. The student ought to include finishing it within 3 years and not more.
  • Example: Engineering is a 4-year degree. The student ought to include finishing inside 4 years and not more.


  • The student ought not have in excess of 10 backlogs in his/her graduation period.


  • A student needs to seek after a course for a base span of 8 months to be qualified to remain back in Canada 
  • Course under 8 months doesn’t permit a customer to remain back and apply for Post Graduation Work Permit 
  • For post-graduation work licenses a customer needs to seek after a course of span 8 months or more. 
  • In the event that the customer seeks after a course which is of length under 2 years, he/she is qualified for a post-graduation work grant of the comparable span as the course 
  • 8 months course = 8 months post-graduation work license 
  • In the event that the customer seeks after 2 years course (bosses or certificate), he/she is qualified for a post-graduation work grant of 3 years 
  • 2 years experts/recognition course = 3 years post-graduation work license 


Education costs in Canada shift by organization and territory, yet the expense is commonly progressively reasonable when contrasted with different nations around the globe. Specialized and clinical courses are more costly than expressions courses. On a normal, the educational cost and charges run from CAD 7,000 to CAD 35,000 every year for an International Student. Study Program Average fees(in CAD*) Undergrad Program $12,000 to $25,000 every year Postgraduate ace’s Program $24,000 to $35,000 every year Doctoral Degree $7,000 to $10,000 every year The expense of concentrating in Canada will incorporate different factors, for example, the typical cost for basic items and the Student and visa application charges you should pay. 


Canadian colleges and universities offer three admissions.
Admissions may likewise be alluded to as a semester in certain foundations.

The three admissions accessible in Canada are:

  • Admission 1: Fall Semester
    – A well-known admission begins in the long stretch of September
  • Admission 2: Winter Semester
    – Starts in the period of January
  • Admission 3: Summer Semester
    – Usually begins from April/May, this admission is accessible for restricted projects and schools. 

We would encourage you to apply well ahead of time since affirmations and grants get troublesome when you apply nearer to the cutoff time. It is smarter to apply 6 to 9 months before the scholarly meeting begins. 


Student Applicant: 

  • A student must be more than 18 years old 
  • Worldwide Students can take a shot at grounds or off-grounds for as long as 20 hours during college semesters and full-time during breaks, for example, the winter or summer occasions, without the requirement for a work license 
  • Remote Students who are concentrating on a program that requires work experience, for example, through a co-op or temporary position program 


As a rule, mates are given indistinguishable rights from the life partner as of now in Canada. In this way, if the mate in Canada has the option to work, the life partner who comes to go along with the person in question will likewise have that right. Yet additionally, note that lone work grant holders can apply for the dependent visas. 


You will, by and large, need the accompanying for your CANADA Student Visa application: 

  • Legitimate Passport 
  • Confirmed duplicates of the tenth, twelfth and Degree endorsements 
  • Scholastic references – 2 
  • Business references – 2 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) 
  • Declarations of extracurricular accomplishments 
  • An acknowledgment letter from your instruction foundation
  • Evidence of payment 
  • Evidence of money related assets 
  • Visa size photos 
  • Study Permit and visa 
  • English Proficiency 
  • Your University will make you mindful of extra prerequisites if any before your application 

Steps to concentrate abroad in Canada:

Step1: Research Your Options:
Before you waitlist the colleges, choose what you need to consider, where you need to live, in general cost, different open doors, and so forth. 

Step 2: Select Universities:
Waitlist the colleges (around 10 colleges ought to do) and study programs that meet your prerequisites and you need to apply for. 

Step 3: Plan for selection tests:
Plan for the government-sanctioned tests like TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/IELTS and so forth depending on the necessities of the colleges and arrangements. Register for these tests ahead of time. While applying for the tests you ought to likewise get ready for the time required on the off chance that you have to retake the test. You should finish these tests before September of the year you wish to apply. 

Step 4: Account your studies:
Guarantee that you have the cash prepared for your whole time of study in Canada alongside settlement, neighborhood travel, nourishment, and different various costs. Choose how you will fund your investigations – individual sparing, instruction credits, Student grants, or assistantship. 

Step 5: Apply to college:
Contact every college legitimately for the confirmation necessities. Each college has its own affirmation necessities. Complete the applications a long time before cutoff times and send them. 

Step 6: Affirm confirmation:
When you get your acknowledgment letters from the colleges that you have applied to, pick the college you might want to learn at. The subsequent step is to pay a non-refundable store to the college to affirm your affirmation. 

Step 7: Get Student Visa:
When you complete affirmation, you can apply for your Student visa.


An outside national on an investigation visa in Canada can carry their life partner and ward kids to Canada. The mate can likewise apply for an open work license. They can work for a Canadian boss for the time the examination visa of their accomplice is substantial. In any case, if the mate needs to consider, they should apply for a different report visa. 

Study visa holders can likewise carry their kids to Canada. The kids can remain for the term of the investigation visa in Canada. Minor kids can seek after their school instruction in the nation given one of their folks can either work or study in Canada. A needy kid ought to be underneath the age of 22. Kids over 22 years who are not monetarily autonomous because of a physical or state of mind are additionally viewed as wards. 


  • Canada has given approaches to empower worldwide Students and graduates to remain, gain work understanding, or in any case add to Canada’s economy and culture 
  • In its push to hold global Students, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) works a Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. Under this program, worldwide alumni may acquire an open work grant for as long as three years 
  • This permits them to work for any Canadian manager in any industry without the necessity of a Canadian employment proposition at the hour of applying