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Provincial Nominee Program


Hoping to move to Canada rapidly and jump on target for a PR? The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is an available method to settle in Canada. Under the Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian areas and regions can designate people for a Canadian Permanent Residency.

While the PNP program is discrete from the Express Entry program, it offers candidates holding a select PNP an extra 600 CRS points when they enter the Express Entry pool. A few PNP programs have sent Letters of Interest to candidates with CRS scores under 400 too.


The Canada Provincial Nominee Program was made to pull in the gifted worldwide ability to Canada territories confronting an ability deficiency. A large number of effective candidates have migrated and for all time settled in Canada through the PNP program. Probably the best Canadian territories to apply to under this program are: 

  • Prince Edward Island 
  • Ontario 
  • Saskatchewan 
  • Manitoba 
  • Nova Scotia 

In the event that you are a talented expert with involvement with innovation, account, instruction, showcasing, or medicinal services presently is the ideal time to investigate your choices through the PNP program. 

You can apply under the PNP alternative to relocate to Canada in the event that you need to live in an area, add to its economy, and wish to turn into a perpetual occupant of Canada. 

Choices in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

There are two choices when filing an application through the PNP program: 

  • Paper-based procedure 
  • Through Express Entry

Paper-based procedure:

The initial step is to apply to the region or region for selection under the non-Express Entry stream. In the event that you meet the qualification necessities and qualify through the person sought after Occupation Lists of certain areas, you will get an assignment from the region if your occupation is on the rundown. You would then be able to apply for a Canada PR Visa. 

You will presently need to present a paper application for your PR visa. The preparation time is generally longer than through the Express Entry framework. 

Express Entry System:

There are 2 different ways to apply: 

You can apply for an assignment by reaching the area or region and apply for a designation under the Express Entry stream. 

On the off chance that you get a positive reaction from the area or region to designate you, you can make an Express Entry profile or update your profile in the event that it as of now exists. 

The other alternative is to make an Express Entry profile and show the areas or regions you are keen on. On the off chance that the region sends a ‘notice of intrigue,’ you would then be able to reach them and afterward apply through the Express Entry framework. 

You should meet the qualification necessities for an effective result of your application. 

Steps in PNP application for PR visa:

  • Apply in the territory or area where you want to settle. 
  • In the event that your profile meets the qualification criteria, you could be designated by the territory to apply for a PR visa. 
  • Apply for your PR visa after you are assigned by an area. 

The criteria for assessing the PR application fluctuates from territory to area.


To apply for the Canadian PNP program, candidates need to introduce their: 

  • Current passport and travel history
  • Educational credentials
  • Professional credentials
  • Recent medical report
  • Police clearance certificate 
  • Other supporting records

Highlights of the Provincial candidate program:

Canada offers about 80 diverse PNPs that have their individual qualification prerequisites. The PNP program permits regions to meet their individual movement needs by helping them fill employments that are sought after and meet work deficiencies in their region. 

Most PNPs expect candidates to have some association with the territory. They ought to have either worked before in that territory or concentrated there. Or on the other hand, they ought to have an employment proposition from a business in the area for an occupation visa.

A commonplace selection can help you in two different ways to get your PR visa. It can add 600 CRS points to your Express Entry application and makes you qualified to apply for your PR visa legitimately to IRCC. 

HOW Leelaz Immigration Consultants CAN HELP YOU?

Leelaz Immigration Consultants is one of the world’s driving experts on Canadian migration. Our experience and information guarantee your application meets all the criteria and has the most elevated odds of achievement. Our start to finish administrations include: 

  • Immigration documents checklist
  • Complete application preparing 
  • Structures, documentation and application recording 
  • Updates and development 
  • Quest for new employment administrations 
  • Migration and post-landing support in Canada 

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is a period delicate program that you should benefit from right away. Connect with us to find how you can take advantage of this.