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How students from Punjab can apply for study visa?

When it comes to career, many students wish to pursue their education abroad. The process for applying the Visa for educational purposes is referred to as Study Visa Program. Every year numerous students from all over India dream to apply to take up their studies abroad. Punjab sees a record number of students going to study abroad in different parts of the world. The major cities that have some of the best consultancies are the areas of Jalandhar, Nawanshahr, Chandigarh, Mohali etc. The immigration consultants in Nawanshahr estimate that as many as 12000 students applied for a student visa just to be enrolled in Australia and 26000 for UK. Indian students are the second largest to undertake studies in Canada and many other countries.

A good study visa consultant takes it upon them to guide the student rightly and honestly to a brighter and feasible prospective. Agencies like Leelaz Immigration consultants in Nawanshahr support the student through the process and guide them to a right career with better prospects. There are different requirements for study visa in different countries.

There is a long process involved from choosing the right country, the right course and the right college to looking after the tedious process of documentation for the application. The immigration consultants in Nawanshahr, project a huge figure of students who come in for counselling to understand and simplify the process for them. It is a good advice to be well acquainted with the whole procedure as this is a very crucial stepping stone to one’s career.

The whole process of applying depends upon the choice of country. The legal laws of immigration and their intake times have all to be coordinated. It is sometimes overwhelming for the student to get a hang of so much information and how to use it to their advantage. In such a case the study visa guidance can help them immensely.

When to begin planning?
The right time to planning for your study visa begins as soon as the decision is made to choose a country. The whole procedure will depend on the choice of country by the student as it will help to ascertain the file processing time that it usually takes. Usually it is highly recommended that students apply at least 4-6 months prior to the intake. The research for a suitable country, college and course can be confusing for the student especially the ones planning to study abroad after 12th. In such cases it is imperative that the student seeks professional help from a reliable immigration consultant in Nawanshahr as it is the biggest hub of immigration consultancy in Punjab. Subsequent time should also be kept for clearing the language proficiency tests by the student.

Get the loans approved
Adequate time must be kept for the process of student loan approvals and other documentation to be completed in time. The students from Punjab can seek the assistance of a good immigration consultant in Nawanshahr to spin their way around the formalities and let experts do their job for them. The counsellors here can guide the student from the very beginning and help them realize their dream of an educational future abroad.