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Is it true that you are a resident or lasting inhabitant or work license holder in Canada needing to bring your dependents to Canada? To encourage families to live respectively, the Government of Canada permits qualified occupants over the age of 18 to support subordinate mates, kids, guardians, accomplices, and grandparents to live with them in Canada. Leelaz Immigration Consultants can assist you with rejoining with your family with our committed Canada subordinate visa administrations.


The Canada Dependent Visa permits you to carry your wards to Canada and furthermore permits them to work or study full time once they have the pertinent grants. Under the Canada Dependent Visa, you can support the accompanying relations for a reliant visa:

  • Your life partner or customary law accomplice or marital accomplice 
  • Subordinate youngsters younger than 21 
  • Subordinate guardians or grandparents 
  • A youngster you received outside Canada while you held Canadian citizenship or PR 
  • Your sibling, niece, nephew, uncle, auntie or other close family members

The relations you support can live with you in Canada. Your companion can likewise apply for a Work Permit so as to work in Canada.

Child visa to carry dependent kids to Canada

The needy visa permits backers to carry their kids to Canada: 

  • Kid embraced outside Canada when the support was a Canadian resident or perpetual occupant living in the nation 
  • A youngster that they plan to embrace in Canada 
  • Support’s sibling or sister, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter on the off chance that they are a vagrant and meet the qualification rules 

Eligibility conditions for child visa:

  • The youngster must be under 22 years who doesn’t have a companion, or customary law or marital accomplice. 
  • The reliant youngster must be the organic kid or the received offspring of the support. 
  • The kid must demonstrate he is reliant on the support/parent for his budgetary needs. 
  • Subordinate youngsters who can’t bolster themselves because of a physical or state of mind have no age limit for looking for sponsorship. 
  • The support must submit evidence of his relationship with the needy kids. 
  • The youngsters who are being supported must experience a clinical assessment and furthermore submit verification that they have no criminal arguments pending against them. 
  • The clinical assessment must be finished by a doctor who is affirmed by the Canadian government.

Eligibility conditions to sponsor a dependent:

On the off chance that an individual needs to support a Dependent Visa for Canada, he should submit archives that give data about his accounts to the previous year to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This will assist the specialists with determining if the support has the way to monetarily bolster the individuals which incorporate his reliant youngsters.


The documentation required for supporting award under the Canada Dependent Visa incorporates: 

  • Visa and travel history 
  • Foundation documentation 
  • Life partner/accomplice documentation including marriage testament 
  • Other confirmation of the relationship 
  • Pay confirmation of support to show satisfactory accounts 
  • Finished application and office charges

HOW Leelaz Immigration Consultants CAN HELP YOU

With many years of involvement with the Canadian migration process, Leelaz Immigration Consultants has a profound experience to assist you with your Canada Dependent Visa. Migrating your family to Canada is a touchy assignment and Leelaz Immigration Consultants has the skill to assist you with applying with certainty. Our groups will assist you with: 

  • Finishing the visa records agenda 
  • Help during application handling 
  • Structures, documentation and application recording 
  • Updates and development 
  • Movement and post-landing support in Canada