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Express & Provincial Nominee immigration to Canada

Canada Immigration



Immigration to Canada is a much sought after way for many to create an opportunity for a new life ahead. However, when you come to find what is the best way to apply for immigration, the whole process may be a little overwhelming for many. Here we try to shed some light upon the two most sought after types of Visa process for immigration to Canada. There are many ways to apply for your Visa to Canada but for people seeking Permanent Residence, the two main types are the Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Seeking the best choice:

The common question for every applicant is to find which is the best way to apply for a visa to Canada. The answer to this is simply to acquaint yourself with the requirements and how well do you meet them. This may take longer research if the applicants do it themselves but are shortened and made simple by hiring the service of a qualified Immigration expert.

What is Express Entry & PNP?

Express Entry Visa is specifically for skilled workers who can apply for Permanent Residency. It requires the candidates with requisite skills to submit their application to the specified portal. The selection process is based on a point system attributed to the age, qualification, work experience of the applicant, and the skill set is closely guided by the credential system of the Federal Economic Immigration Programs such as FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program) or FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program). The system, on one hand, helps in inducting applicants to meet the needs of the skilled labour market in Canada and on the other hand, it makes the process simpler for skilled aspirants.

FSWP is developed as a program for skilled workers who have foreign work experience and are willing to apply for a Permanent Residency in Canada. The FSTP is for skilled persons in a trade who are willing to settle in Canada a permanent residents.

There is another category known as Canadian Experience Class (CES) which is to help the temporary foreign workers and foreign graduates who qualify the conditions for Canadian work experience.

PNP or Province Nominee Program is another route to file for Permanent Residence. This is the program wherein the provinces (as many as 11 out 13) of Canada can shortlist applicants for the immigration process. The provincial territories (PT) can notify the federal government under this program to accentuate an applicant’s process further as it meets the criterion of the province. This has to be checked under the header of National Occupation Classification which lists in-demand trades. This enables the candidate to obtain 600 additional points on their Express Entry once their application is accepted for PNP.

The first step to choosing the process:

The first step is to evaluate how well the candidate meets the requirements for either system of the immigration process. The scores have to be evaluated in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and points are awarded out of a total of 1200. There are certain ways to improve your score on CRS.

One of the most important points is to remember that there are 6 steps on which you need to score 67 out of 100 to be eligible for the CRS scheme.

The PNP can be applied under the Non-Express Entry or under Express Entry System. The time period for their process varies from 6 months to 19 months. The method of opting for a suitable process is mainly synchronized and directed by the availability of a standing job offer, CRS score, and the requirement criterion for valid documentation.