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Immigration to Canada

Canada is one of the best nations on the planet for migration and settlement. On the off chance that you are a Canada movement applicant, this page is particularly intended for you, so you can get broad data about the total Canadian Immigration procedure and Visa Categories, for example, Permanent Residency Visa, Work Visa, Visit Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa, and so on. 

One of the significant reasons for the high movement stream in Canada is that it has something to offer to the migrants of each class, classification, and occupation. The gigantic movement deluge in Canada can be partitioned into three significant classifications, for example, Talented Worker, Businessmen, and Investors and International Students. Albeit, family migration is additionally there to contribute in movement numbers, nonetheless, beneath three classes have the lion share in the yearly movement in Canada. 

  • Opportunities for Skilled Workers:
    Canada offers plenty of business chances to the outside gifted specialists over its different regions and ventures, taking into account ability lack in the nation. There are a number of occupations, which are exceptionally sought after in Canada, for example, Designing, IT, Healthcare, Construction works, Service Sector, and so on. The central government has done the characteristics of occupations in the nation, according to the Skill levels, for example, NOC (National Occupational Classification) of expertise levels (Skill 0, A, B, and so on.) and in like manner it welcomes the abroad gifted specialists through FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) stream of Express Entry and by means of other PNP projects of different territories. 
  • Opportunities for Businessmen and Investors:
    There are different business migration programs in Canada to draw in outside interest in the nation. The majority of these business movement programs offer Permanent Residency in Canada to the candidates, alongside their families. The intrigued candidates need to put a certain sum in the nation and furthermore require meeting the essential criteria of the program. The business visas are the key wellspring of making occupations in Canada through venture and furthermore offering critical help and commitment to the Canadian economy and advancement. 
  • Opportunities for International Students:
    Canada is known for its reality class instruction framework. It is likewise home to the world’s generally renowned and mainstream Universities, which offer quality training and a tremendous number of scholastic and professional courses. The quiet, safe, and perfect examination condition in Canada draws in a huge number of global Students here consistently. As of late, the Canadian government has declared to facilitate the movement rules for global Students, so as to assist them with getting PR and citizenship in Canada. The abroad Students are likewise considered as the potential workforce to fill the aptitude holes across different businesses in Canada.


Canada has one of the world’s most groundbreaking migration programs. There are numerous projects by which one can apply to move to Canada. These include: 

The rundown of programs is dynamic and can change any time of time. Every one of these programs accompanies its own arrangement of utilization criteria and is intended for various kinds of candidates. Leelaz Immigration helps candidates in settling on the correct choice to relocate to Canada by helping them pick the correct program and helping them all through their movement program. Our accomplished guides will be with you at all times design and explore your movement venture.

Express Entry Program:

The Express Entry program is one of the most famous approaches to move to Canada. It was the primary movement program to utilize aptitudes and points to evaluate the qualification of people wishing to relocate. 

The visa handling time under this program can reach out as long as a half year or less.

Commonplace Nominee Program (PNP):

On the off chance that you decide on the PNP to apply for your PR visa, these are the means:

  • You should apply in the region or area where you want to settle. 
  • You could be selected by the area to apply for a PR visa if your profile meets the qualification criteria. 
  • You can apply for your PR visa after you are selected by an area

The criteria for assessing the PR application varies in every territory except the qualification necessities resemble the Express Entry Program.

The PNP is an alternative you can pick if your focus score isn’t sufficiently high despite everything you get your commonplace assignment. When making your application under the PNP, you can pick a territory from where it will be anything but difficult to get a designation dependent on your profile.

A commonplace assignment can help you in two different ways to get your PR visa. It can add 600 CRS points to your Express Entry application and makes you qualified to apply for your PR visa legitimately to IRCC.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP):

Quebec has its own Provincial Nominee Program known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). This movement program was begun with the aim to urge more outsiders to come and settle in Quebec without experiencing the problem of a protracted migration process. 

Through this program, talented workers can apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ). It isn’t important for candidates to have a legitimate employment bid so as to relocate to Quebec. Notwithstanding, those with an employment proposition are given higher needs. 

The QSWP is additionally founded on a focused framework like the Express Entry System.


While each program to relocate to Canada has various criteria, there are a couple of things in like manner. Canadian movement authorities will ordinarily evaluate relocation applications dependent on:

  • Academic profile 
  • Professional profile 
  • IELTS score 
  • French language abilities if moving to Quebec 
  • References and legitimate documentation 
  • Canadian work documentation