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Australian work visa

Completely change yourself with an australian work visa:

As one of the world’s most unique nations, Australia has a gigantic necessity for gifted ability. Benefit as much as possible from this open door by applying for an Australian Work Visa. With our long stretches of involvement in Australian Visa forms, Leelaz Immigration Consultants is the ideal accomplice to assist you with propelling your profession in Australia. 

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  • Stable economy developing at 2.5% consistently all things considered 
  • Openings for work in numerous segments 
  • High  pay permitted by law and incredible reserve funds opportunity 
  • Remarkable social advantages like free human services 
  • Excellent urban areas with lively multicultural life 

At the point when you work in Australia, you will appreciate fundamental rights and a similar work environment insurance rule as other nearby representatives. The entirety of this makes Australia an appealing goal to make a vocation. 


The Australian government contrived the General Skilled Migration program (Skill-select) in 2013 to supplant the Australia talented specialist visas. 

The Skill-select is intended to survey the aptitudes of candidates under a point-based framework so settlers with the correct abilities can be chosen. The candidates are given points under the accompanying models: 

Age: Those between the ages of 25 and 32 score the most points while those over 45 don’t increase any points. 

English language capability: Applicants are required to take the IELTS test. On the off chance that they score 8 groups or more, you get 20 points. 

Skilled work: If you have involvement with an occupation that is recorded in the Skilled Occupations List you will get points dependent on the long periods of experience. 20 is the most extreme point you can pick up. 

Instructive capability: To get points under this classification, your capability must be identified with your selected occupation. 20 points is the most extreme you can score on the off chance that you have a doctorate while a single masters or graduate degree will give you 15 points. 

Australian capabilities: You can get five points in the event that you have an Australian capability from an Australian instructive foundation. 

Territorial examination: You can increase an extra 5 points in the event that you have lived and concentrated in provincial Australia. 

Language aptitudes: You will increase another 5 points on the off chance that you have interpreter/translator level abilities in one of the nation’s locale dialects. 

Companion/accomplice abilities and capabilities: If you have incorporated your mate/accomplice in the application and he/she isn’t an Australian inhabitant/resident, at that point their aptitudes are qualified to be checked towards your complete points. You will increase an extra five points if your mate/accomplice must meet the fundamental necessities of the Australian General Skilled Migration 

Proficient year: You can increase another 5 points on the off chance that you have finished a Professional Year in Australia over the most recent five years. 

You should score at least 60 points to fit the bill for a visa under the General Skilled Migrant Program. 

Skilled Independent Visa: You can be qualified for this visa in the event that you have the important aptitudes and capabilities for explicit occupations that are recorded in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This visa doesn’t require the sponsorship of a business. You can utilize the SkillSelect instrument to see whether your abilities are sought after. 

Employer Nomination Scheme: Under this plan, a changeless work visa is given to workers supported by their organizations. 

TSS Visa (Temporary Skill Shortage): Under this visa, people can work between two to four years relying upon the worker’s necessity. Candidates ought to have at least two years’ work understanding and ought to be beneath 45 years. Organizations taking workers on this visa must compensate them with market pay. 


Steps to apply for a work visa: 

  • Decide the class of work visa you are qualified for 
  • Guarantee that you fulfill the necessities of the points-based evaluation (Skillselect) 
  • Ensure your manager finishes an online designation/sponsorship structure before you can apply for the visa 
  • Fill the online application type of the visa classification 
  • Present the pertinent data and strengthening archives alongside your application. 
  • Pay your application expense for handling your visa

Leelaz Immigration Consultants has broad involvement in helping people secure an Australian Work Visa. The key records important to apply for this visa include: 

  • Proof of English capability (IELTS/TOEFL) 
  • Give educational and employment documentation 
  • Medical coverage 

Normally, the work visa takes 2-5 months to be handled. A Leelaz Immigration Consultants Work Visa Expert will work with you to make an intensive and thorough visa application to expand your odds of accomplishment.